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Deadly Kisses

Deadly Kisses (Book One of the Deadly Darkness Trilogy) - Kerri Cuevas For more of my reviews, check out Books For YA!Deadly Kisses was a funny yet suspenseful read, that will surely satisfy your paranormal romance craving.This book immediately grabbed my attention from the moment I started reading it. Aiden Grant is such an awesome narrator. He has that kind of quality that makes me feel at ease to him. He was sometimes indifferent, sometimes insecure, sometimes full of guilt but he never was annoying, rather he was always funny and his reactions were realistic. Also, his rocker vibe was so evident in his manners and also in his choice of ringtone (which is BTW Sunday, Bloody, Sunday by Paramore). I just love it when the male protagonist plays guitar, can sing and likes Paramore. Anyway, Aiden or Ad, for short, became a Grim Reaper ever since his tragic death two years ago. He refused to ascend because he was blaming himself for Sabrina's death, who was with him the day he died. So after 2 years of easily reaping souls, he was given his hardest assignment so far. He was going to reap the soul of his love. And Bee or Beatrice will certainly not make it easy for him. Bee is not the typical melodramatic teenager that you read in stories. She's sassy, stubbornly cute, sarcastically hilarious and totally loves the biker chic vibe. She totally kicked some Reaper's ass in this book. Her brother, Jaleb, is also cool. He was such a protective and caring brother and I just want to hug him. Overall, this book has the right amount of suspense, action, comedy and romance to keep you reading until end. It was definitely a fun read and I will definitely recommend it to everyone. :)