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Touching the Surface - Kimberly Sabatini For more of my reviews, check out Books For YA!“Being brave isn’t about not being scared. Being brave is what you do despite being scared.”For the third time, Elliot was dead again and she knew that this was her last chance to figure out her growth plan and make things right in order for her to move on. But that is easier said than done because this time, she doesn’t have her best friend, Julia to help her with everything. You see, Julia was putting some distance between them when she arrived at the Obmil and Elliot doesn’t know the reason why. In addition to that problem was Oliver and Trevor, two handsome guys whose reactions to her were like magnets; one was attracted, the other one was repulsed. And as she delve into her past life she will find out the importance of this two guys to her and what she needed to do to get the deliverance that she needed.I really hate Elliot in the beginning. All she cared about was herself and how she can finally move on from Obmil. She was so insensitive to other people’s feelings especially to Julia’s. And the fact that she called herself a good friend, really pisses me off. I mean, why can’t she understand that Julia needed time for herself. That’s not so hard to understand, is it? But instead of respecting Julia’s decision, she became angry at her which I think was irrational.“You don’t really love someone unless you miss them.”But when she started to delve into her past life, she realized how horrible she was. And thanks to Trevor's undying support and Oliver's trust, Elliot managed to rise from the ashes of her mistakes. And I think, that's what's more important? To realize that we make mistakes, to learn from it and change for the better.I can't think of a better way to end this book. Everybody learned a thing or two from the experience and that's what the Obmil is all about, learning and progress. Overall, this was a really awesome read. I would recommend it to people who likes thought-provoking read.