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Insight - Terron James Visit my blog for the review of Insight plus a giveaway here.With an original storyline and imaginative world-building, Insight is a thrilling epic fantasy adventure about the twins, Lon and Mellai, and how their lives suddenly changed because of a gift (or is it a curse?). A captivating story full of secrets, magic, suspense and surprising twistsSet in a medieval time, the Marcs family used to live a normal life in Roseiri, until an incident happened that exposed Lon’s ability and led them to run away and hide in Pree. Five years later and after a good friend of them sacrificed his life to protect them, all the secrets about their family were unveiled. One of those was Lon’s identity as a Beholder, a person who has an ability called True Sight. And as his coming-of-age came nearer, his True Sight became more and more powerful and also, uncontrollable. He will have to make the biggest decision in his life before he endangered his life and everyone he loved the most.Insight immediately grabbed my attention from the very first page. I don’t know how to explain it but there’s a certain mystery in the way the mood was set and the story was told, that kept glued to it. And the way Terron James described the world of Appernysia was breathtakingly beautiful. I swear, I could vividly picture it in my mind.The characters were realistic. They have the right balance of strengths and weaknesses which made them believable and easy to relate with. Lon was like your typical teenager who was just coming of his age. He’s a bit unsure, impulsive and has a temper issue. But what made him admirable is his willingness to take the risk and sacrifice himself just to protect Kaylen, his fiancé, and his family.On the otherhand, Mellai, was the outspoken, a bit bossy and strong-willed twin sister of Lon. I actually like her even if she’s a bit talkative. She’s very brave and stubborn and has a really great sarcastic humor that I really liked in heroines. The other characters that I liked were Kaylen, Tarek, Theiss and Omar.Overall, if you love original high fantasy novel with magic, fight scenes and a rich back-story, then why don’t you try Insight. This will definitely surprise you.