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The Space Between - Brenna Yovanoff For more of my review, visit Books For YA!From the moment Brenna Yovanoff changed the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, I immediately have a foresight that this book is going to be amazing. And I was definitely right. This book didn’t let me down, not even for a second.Being a daughter of Lucifer wasn’t easy, especially if your mother is Lilith. Daphne is always expected to be just like her sisters, the Lilim, who seduces men from Earth and rob them with their dreams, memories and everything that made them who they are. But Daphne doesn’t want to be like them, she’s different. She’s more human than anybody in Pandemonium, except, of course, for Obie.Obie was Daphne’s half-human, half-demon brother and, he and Daphne were really close. So when Obie finally decided to leave Pandemonium for good, Daphne was so devastated. She tried everything to stop him, but failed. A few months after he left, Lilith informed her that he went missing. Now, Daphne is in a quest to find him and bring him back.This book really surprised me. I didn’t expect that it would hit me on an emotional level but it did. I don’t know how this book can break my heart yet still filled it with love. Bizarre as it may seem but it’s true.Daphne was hilariously naïve yet pretty badass on the fight scenes. She’s also surprisingly caring for someone who doesn’t receive a lot of love and care from her parents. Her stubbornness to not feed on anyone’s emotion no matter how much her mother insist on it, won my affection. I really like the way she try to make a difference by deviating from the norms and expectation of others about her. I mean, that takes a lot of courage for someone as young as her but she did it and she succeeded.Truman is the broken, suicidal boy who Obie and Daphne saved from killing and destroying himself further. He wasn’t really like this before his mother died and everything about his life was shattered to pieces. What he has been through wasn’t easy but no matter how messed-up and painful his experiences were, he somehow forgets everything whenever she’s with Daphne. These two equally imperfect pieces found their perfect match in each other. Their love story was so genuine and true, it’s inevitable not to feel it.Overall, this was a very beautiful novel that everyone should read. It has everything I could possible ask for in a book.