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The Living Room - Bill  Rolfe For more reviews, check out Books For YA!The Living Room is a heartfelt story about life and death, love and sacrifices, family and, let’s not forget, miracles.Daniel Clay has a very bland character in the beginning. He was very serious all the time, he’s super workaholic, and he doesn’t have enough time for himself. So when his boss and godfather, Art encouraged (more like commanded) him to take a vacation, Daniel doesn’t have a choice but to do what he was told.So Daniel went to England to check out the house he mysteriously inherited from an unknown distant relative. And that’s where everything changed. He met Claire, who taught him how to love and care unselfishly, and met a bunch of inspiring little kids, who taught him what the true meaning of life is.I have no doubt in my mind that this book is made to give hope and courage people especially those who are facing difficult stages in there life right now. And I truly believe that this will inspire them. But if I could change one tiny bit about this book, I would probably use the first person POV here instead of the third person POV. I just thought that it would make this book more personal to me and in turn, would make me feel more emotion if it was in first person. You see, there were a few times where I felt disconnected to the story because I felt like an outsider, watching all the scenes unravel from the distance and because of that, the emotional impact that I felt was lesser than what is expected. I guess, it would be more effective for me if I was seeing the story through Daniel’s eyes. But that’s just me.Overall, this book will inspire you to live your life to the fullest and will teach you to not be afraid to take chances and risk. Because, you will only live once so enjoy it.