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Auracle - Gina Rosati For more of my review, visit Books For YA!Astral projection is something you don't hear quite often, that is why when I read the blurb of Auracle about a girl that can separate her spirit from her body, I was immediately intrigued.I really like Anna's realistically flawed character even if she sometimes annoyed me. She's reckless and stubborn but she tried her best to make up for whatever mistake she made. And she always have Rei to back her up whenever things get out of hand.Speaking of Rei, he is someone I would love to be best friend with. It's not because of his hotness or the fact that he plays guitar or that he is an straight-A honor student. I like to be his best friend because he cares for his friends so much that he's willing to sacrifice himself just for them. And of course, how can I forget the villainess of this story. What can I say about the Taylor? Well, let's see. She's a really effective villain. She made my blood boil to 212 degree Farenheit, I'm surprise I didn't spew lava.The characters were relatable and the plot was super complicated, I didn't know how Anna and Rei could possibly solve that mess. This book tackle a few serious issues like alcoholism, peer pressure, and family problems but other than that, it also talks about friendship, love and trust. Overall, this book was an enjoyable read.