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Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) - Sarah Mlynowski For more book review, check out Books For YA!With a thought-provoking title and a tempting synopsis like this, I can't help myself from not wanting this book. And you know what I think about it? This book came to me at the right moment at the right time and I really enjoyed it.All the girls in this book stand out for me. April was one of the character that even if she is so naive and irrational at times, you will still like her. Her random storytelling was over the top and I really like that about her. I also love Vi and Marissa, too, because they're like the good and bad conscience of April and they totally have that kind of vibe to them. And Lucy, the nerdy girl next door, is so adorable, a bit creepy but still she's cute.And of course, if the girls stood out for me, how much more the boys, right? Well, I love them all, Dean, Zachary, Brett and especially Hudson. I love all of them except for Alex because I don't like him from the very beginning and I knew that there is something fishy going on around him. To sum it all up, I had fun reading it. It made me forget about the stress of school works and it's like a breathe of fresh air from all the chaos that is going on in my life. So, if you like a light and easy read, I really think you should try this.