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The Stereotypical Freaks - Howard  Shapiro For more book reviews, check out Books For YA!Maybe none of you know this but I used to be a drummer of an all-girl band when I was in high school and playing with my friends is one of my most treasured memories of all.So when Mr. Howard Shapiro asked me to review his new book about four different teenagers coming together to form a band, I did not even think twice and immediately accepted his request. And within a few hours I finished it and it was so awesome!The Stereotypical Freaks is an entertaining story full of music and moral lessons. I really like each and every character in this book. As the synopsis said, they were stereotyped by their classmates but they are more than what their labels said. I also liked that even if they were all different, their passion for music united them and it created an unbreakable bond in each and every one of them.I also love the way that in every chapter there is a recommended song to listen to. It's my first time to hear some of it and it did help to set the mood of the story. And also, I have never thought a short read as this could make me cry so hard. I feel such a cry baby right now. That's how great the emotional impact of this book to me.Overall, this was a really amazing read. Everyone who loves rock and roll music, great characters and an amazing story will surely love this book.