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Shakespeare vs. Lovecraft: A Horror Comedy Mash-Up featuring Shakespeare's Characters and Lovecraft's Creatures - D.R. O'Brien You can read more reviews at Books For YA!From the very first time I saw the cover of Shakespeare vs Lovecraft, I was immediately intrigue by the book. The quirkiness of the cover was so eye catching and after I read the synopsis I thought, Shakespeare's character meets Lovecraft's monsters? Hmmm, that sounds interesting. Fortunately, Mr. O'brien gave me the opportunity to read his book. And boy, it was a riot!This is the first time I read a mash-up and I totally loved it! I'm a bit of a fan of Shakespeare's play since high school so I know most of his famous character. It is so refreshing to see Romeo, Miranda and King and Queen Macbeth in just one book, fighting side by side to defeat the the atrocious monsters of Lovecraft. This book is not a clash of Shakespeare's and Lovecraft's works, it's the fusion of their works. O'brien flawlessly merged this two different literary world and created a funny and horrendous adventure of cosmic proportion. I think everyone would enjoy this book even if they don't know anything about Shakespeare or Lovecraft's work. It's definitely an enjoyable and entertaining read.