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Gift - Andrea J. Buchanan You can read more reviews at Books For YA!The first time I read the synopsis, I was really intrigue by this book. I'm a sucker for mystery and the moment I read that Daisy has an electrifying secret, I immediately requested for it. I just had to know what that is. I was so excited to read this book but as soon as I reached the 100th page, I felt disappointed.I don't know if it's just me, or that the last books I read are action-packed but I felt bored with this story. The story was slow paced and the dialogues were not interesting enough to read. The only action that I read is Daisy's nightmare about Lily holding a knife. After that, non-stop deliberation again. The characters were a little bit dull. Danielle is annoying and quite immature. Mr. Terry is the only one who is not boring in here. And also, Daisy's electrifying secret wasn't explained thoroughly and the mystery in this book is quite easy for me to foretell so I wasn't really shocked at the ending.Overall, it's kind of a let down but this are just my opinion. You can read some positive reviews about this on Goodreads.