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Student Bodies (Poltergeeks, #2) - Sean Cummings For more of my reviews, visit Books For YA!Student Bodies by Sean Cummings is an explosion of supernatural badassery at its finest! After surviving a life-or-death situation with the Witchfinder General in Poltergeek, Julie is back and she needs to defeat a more powerful and sinister enemy to save the entire population of her school including the one she loves.Julie and Marcus was supposed to have a movie date but instead, they spend their Saturday night saving a schoolmate from killing himself. You see, he was possessed by a very evil spell know as Soul Worms. Once infected by this supernatural worms they will slowly eat their victim's essence until the person became an empty shell and become a mindless puppet to whomever cast the spell. Julie will discover that when his father gave her the title of being a Shadowcull, he wasn't only giving her a title or the responsibility to protect people from paranormal stuff, he was also giving her his unfinished business. Now, his father's past caught up with her and she's not sure if she can defeat it. So, with the help of new allies, Julie will face her most toughest enemy yet and prove to everyone that she's one powerful Shadowcull you wouldn't want to mess with.I read Poltergeek a year ago and I loved it. It was one of my favorite read of 2012 because it was jampacked with paranormal activity, awesome spell-vs-spell fight-scenes and hilarious and likable characters. Dull moments was nonexistent in that book. Multiply all of that by two and you will get Student Bodies. This book did not only exceeded my high expectations, it pulverizes it.I loved that Julie and Marcus were finally together. I mean, I will seriously throw a tantrum if they weren't. This two knew each other since they were toddlers and they became each others secret-keeper, supporter, and body guard. With the help of each other, they exorcised a lot of wayward souls and recently, defeated a Witchfinder General. They've been through a lot yet they survived it all. I know this might sound corny, but they were each others soulmates and if you read Poltergeek, you'll agree with me.But Julie's mother was worried about Julie and Marcus' new status and I totally got her concerns. Julie was not just a white witch anymore, she's a Shadowcull which means bigger risks and threats to everyone especially to Marcus who was a non-practitioner. But Julie, just like every teenager at her age, felt like her life was being controlled. She just wanted to experience normal teenage stuff and enjoy her first romantic relationship with Marcus. I understand and sympathized with her too. Both of them have a point and it's tearing me apart because as much as I love to see them together, I know that her mother was right. Anyway, there's a new addition to the gang and her name was Twyla. She's Native American and she's one badass kid. I'm itching to tell you why she's awesome but I can't because I might spoil it for you. You just have to believe me when I say that you should never underestimate her or her grandfather. They will easily kick your ass without even breaking a sweat, if you do. Overall, Student Bodies is a read you wouldn't want to miss. If you like witches, magic, and paranormal/supernatural stuff, with relatable characters and fast-paced action-packed story, then this is the book for you