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Girls' Day Out - Jeanette Battista For more of my reviews, visit Books For YA!Girl's Day Out by Jeanette Battista is a witty, funny and exciting novella that is packed-full of kickass fight scenes and intriguing mystery. An enjoyable read in one sitting.Being a detective for the Underworld Balance Magistrate and keeping the Mundane world ignorant of the Underworld and its citizens, is not the easiest job in the world. So when T got a non-hectic week, she decided to go on a girl's day out with her business partner, J. But things didn't turned out as T had planned because three flame elementals a.k.a hired assassins decided to join the fun and heat things up a bit. That pretty much ruined it all. Now, burning with anger at her disastrous day out, T with J in tow, will not stop until they find out who wanted to kill them and make him pay.T and J's name reminded me of MIB but instead of aliens and intergalactic matters, J and T manage the supernatural stuff that is happening on Earth. They were totally polar opposite like yin and yang. T was the loud, enthusiastic, a bit obnoxious person who can't stand boredom. She's the kind of person who acts first before she thinks. J, on the other hand, was the silent, introvert type who likes to spend her time drinking tea while reading in her library. She's the intelligent and logical one between the two of them. They might not agree with each other sometimes but when they decided to work with each other, they're a force to be reckoned with.They were a great team and they proved that more than once in this book. The only problem that I found here was the lack of backstory. It might be because of the shortness of this book but I don't think one or two pages of backstory are too much to ask. Why do I say that it needed a bit more of backstory? Here's why. While I was reading this book, questions started to pop up. Why do demons always want to kill them? What cases did they already solve before this? What's so special about them aside from their few supernatural upgrades? I get that they were detectives for Balance but, as far as the story goes, I didn't see or know anything that is worth killing them for. I think it would really help the readers understand what is at stake here if it has a bit more of history behind J and T and their work.Anyway, I still had fun with this book especially the awesome fight scene with the rock lizard. Overall, it's not perfect but I still liked it and for a 33-page book this was jam-packed with happenings. I will recommend this to everyone who likes short yet action-packed read.