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For Keeps: a Sam Moore Mystery - Aaron Paul Lazar This review can also be found at Books For YA!For Keeps is not your typical paranormal mystery novel about solving murder cases. It has more depth than that. It will take you on a emotional quest, along with Sam, as he try to defy the laws of physics, change the past and reunite with his only true love.I really like Sam Moore' character. He's a caring brother, a loving husband, an understanding father and a really cool grandfather. He actually reminded me of my grandpa, the way he treated Evan and Timmy. I instantly feel at ease with his character.The tension in the plot was a little bit low for my liking. I mean, it kept me guessing who the killer was and why he was doing it but after the culprit was identified, the tension stopped there. I don't know, maybe I was just expecting a more exciting revelation about the murderer. But the story was still great, though. And time travelling never ceased to amaze me especially if its about changing the present and saving someone very important.To sum it all up, it was an enjoyable read. I'd recommend it to everyone who likes a hard-to-put-down mystery novel with a heartfelt love story.