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Beastly: Lindy's Diary

Beastly: Lindy's Diary - For more of my reviews, visit Books For YA!After reading Beastly, I immediately dive into its novella which is in Lindy's POV. To tell you the truth, I was having a hard time understanding Lindy in Beastly. But this novella explained everything that I wanted to know about her and I feel like the Beastly story is finally whole at last.Everything that Lindy did in Beastly finally made sense to me. The way she reacted to Kyle's appearance, the way she interacted with him, I finally understood her personality. I love the way it is in diary format but I'm a bit disappointed about Lindy's sporadic entry especially when she didn't write about her experience with their dance in the attic. I really would love to know what she was thinking at that time. But other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed it.This novella, also showed how Kendra(the witch who cursed Kyle) helped in breaking her own spell by guiding Lindy to Kyle. There is one particular scene that I really love. It's when Lindy fell asleep in English class and then she dreamed about Kendra.She was dressed in a red jacket and gray pants, like the White Rabbit in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. She held a giant pocket watch. She sang: You’re late! You’re late! And if there’s anything I hate It’s girls who say they are in love But won’t substantiate!After I read this scene, I can't help but not to laugh. I can't imagine Kendra doing this stuff and singing this song. I think she's more of a matchmaker that an evil witch in this story.Overall, I really enjoyed it. If you liked fairy-tales and if you have read and loved Beastly, you will love this novella too. :)