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My Date From Hell - Tellulah Darling Will post the review closer to the release date...
The Elites - Natasha Ngan For more of my reviews, visit Books For YA!*Thank you Hot Key Books for sending me this copy. No compensation was given or taken to alter this review.The Elites is a multicultural dystopian world full of nonstop action and shocking revelations. Enter Neo-Babel, a place for everyone but don't be fooled by this seemingly perfect world because underneath the foundation of this city are buried lies.In a city where all nations live together, DNA became the base of social ranking and status. Those that have superior and exceptional DNA were called Elites. This people were trained since they were a kid to work for the Council in making Neo-Babel safe and peaceful. And one of them is Silver.Silver is a junior Elite and still in training. Her first assignment was to guard her station in Hemmington House, right across where the President will be doing his speech and she was determined prove herself to everyone that she's worthy to be called an Elite. But at the day of the parade, something terribly went wrong and it resulted to a series of event that will change not only Silver's life but everyone in Neo-Babel. Okay, first of all, the world-building of this book was SUPERB. It surprised me how imaginative and detailed it is. It felt like I was watching the story with 3D glasses or like it was projected like a hologram in front of me. The pacing and event sequencing was just right. I like how there were parts where it was fast-paced and some were slow-paced. Those slow-paced moments I'm talking about, were not like the boring and dull moments that other books have. No, not even close. The slow-paced moments of this book are the moments that should be savored, moments that should be cherished by the characters and readers like when the Elites were hanging out at the beach or when Butterfly was with his sister, Emeli. Those moments has a lot of depth and shouldn't be hurried. It's also an intergral part in the character development of each and every characters of this book.I can easily identify myself with Silver. She's strong, stubborn and brave but still has some vulnerability. It was sad because even if Silver was already an Elite, she wasn't spared from being ostracized by others and bullied by her peers especially her senior Elite, Ember. She was underestimated by everyone because of her enthnicity. You see, she'a Red, a person with Chinese origin, which is the most inferior of all nations based on their DNA. So she was always striving and trying to prove herself. She wanted to be accepted by society and I think, that is an issue everyone can relate to. I'm also glad that she's not alone in her struggles. She has Butterfly with her to anchor her in tough times.And speaking of Butterfly, I fell in love with him the moment he spread his wings. But life has been tough on him, lately. First, he was deceived and betrayed by the people he trusted and then his family...It was so cruel. It was unbearable to see him in that house and in that state. But I admire him for being rational despite what happened. He was so inspiring. He didn't let the society consume him and didn't let the pain and anger change him into something he will soon regret. I love him so hard because of that.Overall, this was a supercalifragilistic expialidocious read. It's a unique dystopian world with awesome world building, complex characters, nonstop surprises, kick-ass fight scenes and no frustrating cliffhangers because it's stand-alone. Can you find anything like this? No, you can't because this book is in a league of its own. I'm telling you guys, it's worth every penny. I can't recommend this book enough.
Portal 24 - Meredith Stroud A review copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Portal 24 by Meredith Stroud is a fast-paced, globe-trotting novel full of fight scenes, hilarious and kick-ass characters, techie stuff and time-travelling. Is 24-hours enough, to save the world?As a con-artist, Darius Simms was a keen observer and knew when a person was bluffing him but when Agent Grosz told him that he and his girlfriend will die that evening, he didn't know what to think. Soon he finds himself agreeing to be a replacement field agent to a team of special teenagers whose goal was to prevent catastrophic event from happening.Less than a day after he settled in his new home at Project Oberon and meeting his four teammates, a cataclysmic event happened in New York city that destroyed almost the whole city and killed millions of people. The team will go back 24 hours before the event happened and stop it from occuring, this time. But as soon as they time-travelled back, Darius and the others realized that someone knew that they were coming and he prepared a not-so-welcome party for them. They only have 24 hours to find the destructive device in 4 different places around the world, diffuse it and go back to the present. Easy, right? Not so much. Can they complete the mission or will they die trying? I really liked the characters in this book, they talk, act and think like a real teenagers. I also liked that each of them have their own field of expertise. Constance is the wheelwoman/mechanic, Leon is the hacker/medic, Malik is the sniper/marksman, Bianca is the expert in combat and tactics, and Darius, well, he's street-smart, expert in deception and redirection. They're like a dream team of some sort and I must admit, they're quite badass.The storyline was adrenaline-pumping intense. So many fight-scenes, explosions and running here and there, and you know how much I loved that. My only concerns were the explanation of the science stuff was a bit confusing. I didn't completely understand the train explanation and the reason why you can't go forward after 24 hour limit. Also the ending was so abrupt. Not like a cliffhanger-style ending but like winning a tough battle of videogame then seeing a poorly-made victory message at the end. No fireworks, no special effects, just a "You Won!" message. Yeah, it was a bit disappointing hence the rating. If it doesn't have a sequel then an epilogue would have helped in wrapping it all up especially since there's still a few loose ends left hanging.Overall, it was still a fun and entertaining read. Will still recommend it to everyone especially to kids who love sci-fi and action.
Shadows of Valor - Elsie Park Engrossing and mysterious, Shadows of Valor took me on a journey into a medieval era full of chivalrous knights, dark secrets, shocking conspiracy and swoony romance. Be ready to swoon when you meet The Shadow.There are rumors spreading all around the country about a mysterious figure named The Shadow. Some say his an apparition and some even say his a magician but only one thing is for sure, he hunts criminals and enforce justice under King Edward's orders. Now, The Shadow came into Graywall to investigate a large operation of smuggling but what he didn't expect was that, the smugglers have another evil plan; to marry a lady, get her land dowry and kill Lord Shaufton. The only girl he knew that has a land dowry in Graywall was Lord Shaufton's daughter, Genevieve. So he decided to pretend to court Genna in order to protect her and Lord Shaufton to the smuggler's deadly plan. But he never thought courting Genna would be so hard especially when the person he truly wanted to court was Genna's cousin, Lady Elsbeth, an acquaintance of him since childhood. And also, the more he investigate about the smuggling in Graywall, the more he realise that there's a traitor inside the castle. He has to find out who it is before it's too late.Shadows of Valor reminded me of all the things I loved about the medieval era; the peaceful living in the countryside, the demure maidens with their flowing dresses, the valiant knights who were always ready to save a damsel in distress, the castles, the banquets and the awesome old-school sword fights. Sir Calan was compassionate, kind and caring but becoming The Shadow taught him not to give his trust to anyone, easily. It made him cynical and always suspicious of others. On the otherhand, Lady Elsbeth was the total opposite. As Graywall's midwife and herbalist, she's always trusting because she believe in the goodness of other people. She loves to help the villager to the best of her ability. Both of them were realistic and I love how they banter about their differences. They learned from each others strengths and weaknesses. It was beautiful to watch both of their transformation and personal growth. They truly balanced each other out.Overall, it was an awesome read. The settings and dialogue was well-written, the characters were relatable and believable and the storyline was amazing. I'd recommend it to everyone who likes all the things about medieval period and to those who wanted to have a medieval experience.
Renegade (MILA 2.0, #2) - Debra Driza I bow down to the cover artist of this book!!! This is FREAKING GORGEOUS!!! *grabby hands*
All Our Pretty Songs - Sarah McCarry For more of my reviews, visit Books For YA!All Our Pretty Songs is more of a cacophony of noise rather than a pretty melodic song. There were a lot of unnecessary flashbacks and ramblings in this book that I felt like I was bombarded with too much information and the story was being compromise to show the authors skill in creating lyrical prose. It was a huge disappointment for me.To be honest, I don't know how I'm going to create my own summary of what this book is about. All I know is that Aurora and the narrator were best friends and then gorgeous musician, Jack came into the picture and everything changed. That's all I got! I didn't finish this book and I totally felt relieved because of it. I've never read anything as confusing as this. And how can the author expect me to relate to her narrator when I don't even know her name. It makes me feel like a bystander who was suddenly stopped by a total stranger just to info-vomit on me. Sorry for the graphic image but that is seriously how I felt while reading this book.The characters were infuriatingly annoying. Also, the two girls were supposed to be inseparable base on the blurb but I found out that our devoted and watchful narrator wasn't as devoted and as watchful as she was stated. She, repeatedly, left Aurora with some random guy, drunk and wasted at some party. Now tell me, is that what you called best friend. Well, some best friend, huh? The prose in this book was well-written. I won't deny, a lot of them were amazing. But you know the feeling when you ate too much sweet and then your teeth started to ache. Well that's how I felt. This book was overdosed with lyrical prose(yay, that rhymes) and it doesn't have a coherent storyline structure to balance it out.Overall, this is the first book that I rated with only one star and in my rating system that means it’s a waste of time. I'm not happy about this rating but I have to do what I have to do.
Student Bodies (Poltergeeks, #2) - Sean Cummings For more of my reviews, visit Books For YA!Student Bodies by Sean Cummings is an explosion of supernatural badassery at its finest! After surviving a life-or-death situation with the Witchfinder General in Poltergeek, Julie is back and she needs to defeat a more powerful and sinister enemy to save the entire population of her school including the one she loves.Julie and Marcus was supposed to have a movie date but instead, they spend their Saturday night saving a schoolmate from killing himself. You see, he was possessed by a very evil spell know as Soul Worms. Once infected by this supernatural worms they will slowly eat their victim's essence until the person became an empty shell and become a mindless puppet to whomever cast the spell. Julie will discover that when his father gave her the title of being a Shadowcull, he wasn't only giving her a title or the responsibility to protect people from paranormal stuff, he was also giving her his unfinished business. Now, his father's past caught up with her and she's not sure if she can defeat it. So, with the help of new allies, Julie will face her most toughest enemy yet and prove to everyone that she's one powerful Shadowcull you wouldn't want to mess with.I read Poltergeek a year ago and I loved it. It was one of my favorite read of 2012 because it was jampacked with paranormal activity, awesome spell-vs-spell fight-scenes and hilarious and likable characters. Dull moments was nonexistent in that book. Multiply all of that by two and you will get Student Bodies. This book did not only exceeded my high expectations, it pulverizes it.I loved that Julie and Marcus were finally together. I mean, I will seriously throw a tantrum if they weren't. This two knew each other since they were toddlers and they became each others secret-keeper, supporter, and body guard. With the help of each other, they exorcised a lot of wayward souls and recently, defeated a Witchfinder General. They've been through a lot yet they survived it all. I know this might sound corny, but they were each others soulmates and if you read Poltergeek, you'll agree with me.But Julie's mother was worried about Julie and Marcus' new status and I totally got her concerns. Julie was not just a white witch anymore, she's a Shadowcull which means bigger risks and threats to everyone especially to Marcus who was a non-practitioner. But Julie, just like every teenager at her age, felt like her life was being controlled. She just wanted to experience normal teenage stuff and enjoy her first romantic relationship with Marcus. I understand and sympathized with her too. Both of them have a point and it's tearing me apart because as much as I love to see them together, I know that her mother was right. Anyway, there's a new addition to the gang and her name was Twyla. She's Native American and she's one badass kid. I'm itching to tell you why she's awesome but I can't because I might spoil it for you. You just have to believe me when I say that you should never underestimate her or her grandfather. They will easily kick your ass without even breaking a sweat, if you do. Overall, Student Bodies is a read you wouldn't want to miss. If you like witches, magic, and paranormal/supernatural stuff, with relatable characters and fast-paced action-packed story, then this is the book for you
Truly, Madly, Deadly - Hannah Jayne For more of my reviews, visit Books For YA!A suspenseful psycho-thriller, Truly, Madly, Deadly by Hannah Jayne will give you the creeps and keep you up all night. Watch your back! There might be someone watching. When her boyfriend, Kevin, died in a car accident, Sawyer Dodd was stunned. She felt responsible for what happened because she broke up with him, hours before the accident. Technically, she was indeed responsible to it but not the way she thinks. Not directly. And soon, she found that out when she received a message along with a clipped newspaper article of the accident. It says, You're Welcome.Two more deaths happened after that, along with notes that were creepier than the first. But it's clear now that Sawyer is getting framed up for all the crimes because all the clues were pointing in her direction. Everything here is at stake now. She have to find out who the killer is before her family became the next target.This gave me goosebumps and that eery feeling of being watched. And maybe I'm weird because I extremely enjoyed every heartstopping, tension-filled moments of it. I'm commending Hannah Jayne for creating such a thrilling read. The mystery was so well hidden that I'm having doubts with my judgment on who the killer is. The characters were well-developed, realistic and believable. And the ending will gave you a heart attack. Seriously, this book should be turned into a movie because it was so freakin' adrenaline-pumping, batshit scary, mystery thriller. It's the kind of story that is just perfect in the big screen. Overall, this is one heck of a read and I will definitely recommend this to all the psycho-thriller, murder mystery and suspense lovers out there.
Girls' Day Out - Jeanette Battista For more of my reviews, visit Books For YA!Girl's Day Out by Jeanette Battista is a witty, funny and exciting novella that is packed-full of kickass fight scenes and intriguing mystery. An enjoyable read in one sitting.Being a detective for the Underworld Balance Magistrate and keeping the Mundane world ignorant of the Underworld and its citizens, is not the easiest job in the world. So when T got a non-hectic week, she decided to go on a girl's day out with her business partner, J. But things didn't turned out as T had planned because three flame elementals a.k.a hired assassins decided to join the fun and heat things up a bit. That pretty much ruined it all. Now, burning with anger at her disastrous day out, T with J in tow, will not stop until they find out who wanted to kill them and make him pay.T and J's name reminded me of MIB but instead of aliens and intergalactic matters, J and T manage the supernatural stuff that is happening on Earth. They were totally polar opposite like yin and yang. T was the loud, enthusiastic, a bit obnoxious person who can't stand boredom. She's the kind of person who acts first before she thinks. J, on the other hand, was the silent, introvert type who likes to spend her time drinking tea while reading in her library. She's the intelligent and logical one between the two of them. They might not agree with each other sometimes but when they decided to work with each other, they're a force to be reckoned with.They were a great team and they proved that more than once in this book. The only problem that I found here was the lack of backstory. It might be because of the shortness of this book but I don't think one or two pages of backstory are too much to ask. Why do I say that it needed a bit more of backstory? Here's why. While I was reading this book, questions started to pop up. Why do demons always want to kill them? What cases did they already solve before this? What's so special about them aside from their few supernatural upgrades? I get that they were detectives for Balance but, as far as the story goes, I didn't see or know anything that is worth killing them for. I think it would really help the readers understand what is at stake here if it has a bit more of history behind J and T and their work.Anyway, I still had fun with this book especially the awesome fight scene with the rock lizard. Overall, it's not perfect but I still liked it and for a 33-page book this was jam-packed with happenings. I will recommend this to everyone who likes short yet action-packed read.
Steel Lily (The Periodic Series, #1) - Megan Curd For more of my reviews, visit Books For YA!Megan Curd's Steel Lily is a surprisingly riveting dystopian novel, that has a good dose of impressive world-building, realistic heroine, swoon-worthy male lead and complicated plot twist that will keep you engaged until the very end.Avery Pike's life used to be normal until a nuclear bomb exploded close to where she and her family were. It exposed them in radiation which in turn, developed her abilities that allowed her to create steams. After being separated from her parents, she was now living in Dome Four and was the number one contributor of steam, the most essential power source of the dome.But Avery, have had enough of people using her, treating her like a tool or a personal steam generator, for their own purpose. So when an eccentric-looking man offered her to come with him into a new Dome with the promise of a better life among with other kids who also have an ability, she tooked the risk. With her bestfriend, Alice in tow, Avery went to Dome Seven with high hopes and a mindset that things couldn't get any worse than what she experienced in Dome Four.But soon, she found out that she's terribly wrong. Things in Dome Seven can get worse, a lot worse. She's not a tool or a pawn anymore but she's now a lab rat. And if she wanted to stay alive, she have to put her trust to the enemy.Okay I'm going to come out and say this now, I LOVE STEEL LILY! There's some kind of gravitational pull in every pages of this book that will sucked you right into the story immediately and makes it hard for you to put down.“No one is ever too far gone for redemption, if there’s just one person to help them get there.”Avery Pike was the perfect combination of compassion, stubborness and sense of humor. She's always ready to do the best that she can for the people she love. She's the kind of heroine who is easy to root for because you know that she's fighting for all the right reasons. Also her interaction with Jaxon was really cute and their bantering was hilarious."There have been contests where my ass took first place in squeezability.”I like Jaxon the moment I met him. He's funny, sarcastic, confident and sexy. But that's just the other half of him. He's also a son who's constantly seeking for his father's love. And whenever that side of him shows, my heart breaks a little and I just want to pull him out of the book and cradle him into my arms. "Damn it, if he wasn’t such an ass, I might have been willing to admit I liked him."Avery is in constant battle with herself about her feelings with Jaxon. And it's realistically understandable since she only met him for a couple of weeks. And she doesn't give her trust that easily to anyone which made her more true to me.Other minor characters like Alice, Legs and Sari also caught my attention with their unique personality. Overall, it was an awesome read. The world building was amazing, the plot was unpredictable and characters were awesome. Will definitely recommend this book to all dystopian and steampunk lovers out there.
Splintered - A.G. Howard For more of my reviews, visit Books For YADark and mystical, A.G.Howard's Splintered will re-introduce you to the story of Alice in the Wonderland, like you've never heard or seen it before. But beware, because once you go down the rabbit hole, you will have to fight back if you want to regain control. (Okay, this is not the best rhyme that I can come up with but I swear, it's connected to the story)Being the great-great-great-granddaughter of Alice Liddell, the girl who inspired Lewis Carroll to write Alice in the Wonderland, isn't easy and Alyssa Gardner knew that for a fact. Because aside from being teased about dormice, tea parties and other Wonderland jokes, she also inherited a family curse. The same curse that puts her mother in a mental institution.But after an unexplanable incident happened to Aly and her mother, Aly decided to take everything seriously, no matter how bizarre it is. And if everything her mother told her was true, she has to go down the rabbit hole and end this curse for once and for all.Okay, this book is hands-down AMAZING! The description and imagery of this book was so vivid and detailed, I was immersed immediately into this grotesque and overly bizarre world of Wonderland. Aly was a cool character, a true skater girl with an eye for morbid art. She doesn't want people to know her family problems because she wanted to be treated as normal and to belong in the society even if it means she has to tell a lie. It is sad but true. And I think, a lot of girls will identify with her(I know, I do). She also was secretly in love with Jeb, her best friend and neighbor. But she can't admit it to him because he has a girlfriend, Taelor Tremont, who happens to be Aly's mortal enemy. “And Al,” he says, his jaw tight. “No matter what happens, we’ll find each other again. You’re my lifeline. You always will be.” I LOVE JEB! He's sweet, funny, caring, artistic and dependable. I understand why Aly loves him. He also have a problematic life like Aly but not as crazy. He secretly likes Aly too but he's afraid to involved her in his problems because he doesn't want Aly to have any additional burden. I don't agree with his reasoning about this at all but that's the decision he made and that doesn't change what I feel for him.“You cry for him yet bled for me. One must wonder which is more powerful. More binding. I suppose we shall one day know.”Morpheus, on the other hand, was very suspicious and I can't make myself trust him. I don't care if his as sexy as a rockstar or as hot as Johnny Depp or that he has a really awesome costume. He's so manipulative and secretive and that's not a good thing. He also frustrates me because I can't figure him out. He's the perfect example of an enigma.Overall, this was a really exceptional read. The setting was jaw-droppingly awesome, the characters jump off the page, the adventure was badass in every level and the twist in the end was unexpectedly heartbreaking. Need I say more? If you haven't read this book yet, you're missing out on a lot of awesomeness. Read it now!
Icon of the Indecisive - Mina V. Esguerra For more of my reviews, visit Books For YA!After the intense cliffhanger in book 2, Hannah is back and she will have to face a difficult challenge that will test her commitment and passion as the Interim Goddess of Love. In the end, she will have to take a leap of faith (literally!) and make a decision that will completely change her life.Hannah, used to sense the feelings of those who summoned her as Goddess of Love but ever since Vida Castillo, a.k.a. Goddess of the Moon and mortal enemy no.#1, visited her one night, Hannah's ability was getting worse. Not only did she sense their feelings, she physically experienced what will happen to them minutes before it happen to them.Hannah, doesn't know what's going on and it's scaring her. If this is the price of becoming the Goddess of Love, she'd rather give it to someone who wants it but unfortunately, Vida is the only willing candidate. Will Hannah give it all up or will she endure? Also, the MOST important question will also be answered. Who will Hannah pick? Quin? Diego? or Robbie?This is the most awaited conclusion to the awesome Interim Goddess of Love Trilogy and if I'm going to sum up the whole series, I'll say it was a really enjoyable one. I can't believe that this is the last and to tell you the truth, in the three days that I read these books, I've come to love all of this characters (even Vida).All the questions and loose ends in the first two books were answered here, like where is the original Goddess of Love, why she went missing and what Hannah's weird dreams were all about. I couldn't be more happier with Hannah's decisions about her lovelife. I will not say any name but you could guess if you want.What I don't like about the ending is chapter 29. The story could have ended with chapter 28 and I will be happily satisfied with it. But because of that last chapter, more questions popped up and were left unanswered and it felt like it ended with another cliffhanger. Ugh, the agony of having to speculate what will happen next without knowing if I'm right is killing me.Overall, it was an entertaining read. I'll just pretend that chapter 29 didn't exist and be happy with it. LOL! I will definitely recommend it to everyone who wanted a fluffy contemporary romance with a tad bit of mythology and magic.
Queen of the Clueless (Interim Goddess of Love, #2) - Mina V. Esguerra For more of my reviews, visit Books For YA!In the second installment to Interim Goddess of Love, Hannah will have to face a bigger problem; a problem that doesn't only concerned her because she is the Goddess of Love but also because it involves her best friend.Hannah is getting pretty good at her job as an Interim Goddess of Love but it's more time consuming than she expected. And now, Sol needed her, not as the Goddess but as her bestfriend. Apparently, Sol's boyfriend, Neil, is a klepto and he's not just stealing from Sol but also to other students at Ford River College. But Sol is having second thoughts about breaking up with him even if she knows the truth.Hannah, doesn't have a choice but to intervene especially when she found out that there's some mysterious magic involved here. Since her mentor, Quin doesn't support her plans and told her to stay out of it, she's going to team up with the unpredictable Sea God, Diego and the cute mortal, Robbie to solve this problem.Okay, first of all, I love how Mina combined chess moves in the story. I've been a chess player since I was in Grade 4 so I have a lot of knowledge about the game. It's a strategy game between two individuals and it involves a lot of observation, step-by-step strategy and well execution. And Mina did all the things I just mentioned. She slay me with her sacrifice move and it was well-executed. She thoroughly explained on her Author's Note at the end of the book how the chess games relate to the story so you don't have to worry about deciphering it.I understand Sol, I do. She was traumatize with her first relationship that's why she's afraid that she will never find someone who will love her again if she broke up with Neil. But what I don't like about her is that, she kept on making excuses for his wrong deeds. I feel like she's consenting him by not doing anything. Stealing is wrong and no matter what the story behind the action is, it shouldn't be tolerated.I couldn't agree more to Hannah's decision to interfere. Sol was blind-sided to everything and she clearly needed the help of her best friend(even if she doesn't ask for it). Hannah, showed a different side of her in this book. She's not only a great confidant, secret-keeper and match-maker, she's also a true friend who will do the utmost of her ability to keep her friend safe.Diego stepped up also in here. He showed us that he's not just a bad boy who always picks a fight whenever he have an opportunity, he's also surprisingly helpful to those who forgets their purpose. We also get a glimpse of his past and his sad love story. I never thought I'd say this but, I changed my mind about Diego. He's not as bad as I thought but I'm still on Team Robbie so don't even think that I'd switched sides. I would never betray Robbie. LOL!This book have more interesting happenings than the first. I also loved it because of the chess games aspect and it has more Robbie exposures. But watch out for the cliffhanger at the end, though, because it will surely make you want to read book 3 immediately.Overall, Queen of the Clueless is, by far, my most favorite in the series. Read this series now or forever hold your peace. LOL!
Persephone - Kaitlin Bevis For more of my reviews, visit Books For YA!Persephone by Kaitlin Bevis is a fun and entertaining retelling of the famous Greek myth story, The Rape of Persephone. Be prepared to see Hades and the Underworld to a whole new perspective.Set in the modern day world, 16 year old Persephone was raised as a human by her mother Demeter. She doesn't know that she was a real goddess until a demi god attacked her. She can't handle the truth about her identity so she ran away and while she was alone and trying out her ability in the meadow, Boreas, God of Winter tried to froze her to death. But Hades came to her rescue, and to keep her safe, he claimed her as his wife and brought her to the Underworld. Persephone will have to learn what her abilities and responsibilities are, as a goddess and as queen of the Underworld, in order for her to defend not just herself but also the people she cared about.Okay, some of you may know that I am a huge myth-geek, so when Kaitlin Bevis contacted me to review her book about a modern-day retelling of the story of Persephone, I immediately accepted it. (How can I not, it's myth-retelling!) And I'm glad I did because this was a really enjoyable read.In the original story, Persephone was picking flowers with some nymph when Hades arrived and abducted her to be his wife. But in this story, Hades acts like the knight in shining armor that rescued her damsel in distress from freezing to death. And you know what, I think I like this better because at least for once, Hades is the hero. It's unique and refreshing to see him as the good guy, er, god.Persephone was funny but she's quite shallow at times. But as the story progresses, she became more and more likable. I also like how stubborn she is because her decisions makes this book more interesting. I mean, where's the fun in having an obedient character who always do what she's told when you can have a stubborn one who doesn't live by the rules.I like Hades a lot here. He's sensible, compassionate, caring and rational and he wanted to provide a good afterlife for all the the people in his realm. But he wasn't perfect if that's what you think. There were times where he would do something so un-Hades-like that it would make me question his consistency. But that doesn't make him any less appealing to me.I like how Kaitlin merged Oreithyia and Boreas, and Orpheus story in here. It fits perfectly and it adds more awesome myth-related happenings in the story. I also like how she makes the other minor characters shine in their own way like Cassandra, Helen of Troy, Moirae, Charon and Thanatos. I am also amazed by how Kaitlin create her own version of the Underworld while still staying true to the original. If the Underworld is just like in this book, I don't think anyone would ever be scared to go there anymore. Overall, Persephone was a really good read and I would recommend it to everyone who likes mythology and adventure.
The Catastrophic History of You and Me - Jess Rothenberg I loved it!!!!Review to come...
Interim Goddess of Love - Mina V. Esguerra For more of my reviews, visit Books For YA!With a good dose of romance, adventure and Philippine Mythology, Interim Goddess of Love by Mina Esguerra is a light and fun read that is certified un-put-downable. A great start to an awesome series.Aside from studying and doing her student assistant duties, sophomore Hannah Maquiling also have an "extra-curricular" activity that made her college life a little more interesting. You see, she's the Interim Goddess of Love and she has a responsibility to fulfill, and that is, to monitor all love problems in the world. But since she's just newly hired and still in training, she's going to do it one love problem at a time, and her first "project" is Kathy and her secret admirer problem. Will she succeed to create a happy ending or will she screw this up big time? Read this book to find out.Hannah Maquiling is easy to relate with. She reminds me of my college days which was not so long ago. She was funny and has a natural charisma that makes other people trust her. As the temporary Goddess of Love, she's still figuring things out and slowly adapting to her new job. It's actually a bit ironic that she got the position since she's a member of the NBSB club or the No Boyfriend Since Birth club but people don't care about that, they just needed someone who will listen to them. And that's what Hannah do best. She listens and she's sincere with it.But Hannah is not as loveless as you think, if you include her secret infatuation with Quin a.k.a. the Sun God and the one who recruits her. He's a junior at Ford River College and captain of the basketball team. And as Hannah puts it in this quote:"When I first met him, I really thought he was a god.Not literally. More like the way a freshman girl sees a junior guy with chiseled features and perfect skin and assumes he looks like a marble sculpture of a god. I had never been to Italy or Greece, never seen those statues up close, but I was eighteen years old and my limited experience told me that they were probably modeled after guys like Joaquin Apolinario."He's also caring and he trained her in using her newfound abilities. He's also strict and a bit uptight. He's always logical which makes him the voice of reason whenever Hannah's decisions go too far. It's hard not to fall for him, because such a great guy but he never showed a clear sign that he likes Hannah too (but that's just me).And then there's also Robbie, Quin's teammate. He's cute, friendly, fun to hang out with and a mortal human. He likes Hannah ever since she was a freshman and not the Interim Goddess of Love at that time. But he's a bit shy(torpe) to ask Hannah out and I don't know why but I find him adorable. Yes, I'm on TEAM ROBBIE and I'm proud of it. I loved what he did at the end of this book, it was sweet and romantic. To those who read this book, you know what I'm talking about.Overall, this was a fun and awesome book. I love the romance, the mythology and the mystery. And if you like all the things I've mentioned, you'll love this book, too.