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Frozen Heart

Frozen Heart - Annabelle Blume This review was first posted on Books for YA.After I read the synopsis of this book, I was really curious(more like intrigue) about the story so I immediately request to review the book. Frozen Heart was set in a dystopian world wherein the Green Age(years where plants and animals were still abundant) was just a thing in the past while the Ice Age continues to numb the existence of humanity. Besides scarcity of food supply and malnutrition, procreation is also one of the major problems of their government and their solution is by matching people who has strong gene pool to a compatible bearer.So this are my thoughts about this. It was a good read but I think it could still be improved. I really wanted to give this a four happy face but there are so many things that is stopping me for doing so. First of all, the characters were a little inconsistent on how they act and feel. Cressie, for instance, gave her trust easily to someone she just met only for 3 days and most especially to someone she considered as an enemy. Secondly, the plot is quite weak. It only focuses on the character conflict of Cressie. Whether to trust Beckett or not or whether she would gave up everything and try to live in the Affinity for Beckett. The external or plot conflict was nonexistent. I didn't see anything in the plot that would make things complicated for them. No strict guards, no entering or escaping problem,, no chasing scenes, nothing that would make me excited or nervous to what will happen next.And Lastly, the ending is a bit abrupt and there's no epilogue to explain anything. I know that this is supposed to be shorter than a novel because it was a novella but that doesn't mean the ending should be left hanging in mid-air. But all in all, it was good but could be better if it has more external conflict and a stable characters.